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Product Marketing

Developing product visuals in 3D can be a great alternative to product photography because of its flexibility and sustainability. Instead of setting up a one-time photo shoot and hoping you get the shots you need and want, we are able to create the assets in 3D space and extract as many different renders as needed. With 3D we can build off of previous designs or make adjustments as products evolve. Companies like IKEA develop their products in 3D because of all these benefits. 


Our refined creative process keeps your project on time and within budget. 


Prior to starting any work, we figure out where our clients want to be and the best way to get them there. We hammer out all the small details with tools like story or concept boards to make sure everyone involved is on the same page. 


References make all the difference when nailing the look of a design. We collect any and all references we can from our clients like 3D models, reference photography, physical models. This allows us to achieve a higher level of realism. 


This is where all the magic happens. Within a matter of days, we can take an idea and turn it into a beautiful visualization. We also pride ourselves on staying up to date with the newest technology the industry has to offer so clients are always getting the best.  


All projects need a little love at the end. We always leave some time to make any minor revisions necessary. We provide our clients with file formats best suited for their needs, including print, website optimized, VFX applications, even social media. 


Pixel Wave has done several large projects with us over the past few years and has ALWAYS been available when we are in a last minute pinch (which is OFTEN). They are a pleasure to work with and produce high quality imagery and animations. As a bonus, the owner is always willing to teach us new approaches with our software and 3D industry because he is so knowledgeable. He's always a great addition when he comes to our office. Pixel Wave is our #1 go-to company when we need 3D help.

~Lauren L. - Czarnowski

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