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3D Printing and Scanning

With breakthroughs in 3D printing technology, it is easy to have a tangible prototype of your product prior to manufacturing. 3D printers can even print in different material types like stainless steel, acrylic plastic, brass, wax, porcelain, even 14k gold. However, not all 3D printers are created equally. The 3D printers we use leave your product feeling smooth and your print does not require any sanding.  


Photogrammetry is a new technique used to turn photographic images into 3D objects.  This process produces high-quality, photo-real objects that elevate the level of realism in 3D quickly.  We can use this technology to produce marketing assets for our clients’ product or real estate.




3D models need to be prepared for 3D and can not just be thrown in a printer. Elements like the product's wall thickness, loose shells, mesh integrity, materials used for printing can all leave you with a failed print if not set up correctly. These are all points we take into consideration when helping you achieve a successful print the first time. 

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